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Once a 5 Star Perl in Metro Manila, a place of elegance and cheek, but today it seams specially on Saturdays the former glory are hidden.

We assessed the first 30 seconds, a normal walk-in guest would have in the hotel. We assessed according to international standards provided by AAA and IFH. we give points from 1 Poor up to 8 Excellent.

We visited 3 times in in the time-frame August to October 2013
Visit One:
-3- Greetings at the Side entrance
-5- Welcome at Concierge Desk
-2- Lobby attention
-7- Bell Man, Informative
-6- background Lobby music
-6- Room first impression
-5- Bath Room Cleanliness
If you are interested in the full assessment please contact Mr. Fischer at

TheAdminGirl Oct 29 '13

Last May i decided to stay in Hotel Bahay ni Tuding Davao City (Bahay ni Tuding Hotel)... more